Mike Sorrentino


P5110031_00Mike Sorrentino’s initiation into the film industry began long ago while working as Special Make-up Effects production assistant. His first film was Ridley Scott’s “Legend” staring Tom Cruise. Having one project under his belt, he was elevated to on-set Production Manager for Rob Bottin’s make-up effects crew. This was on Joe Dante’s space travel fantasy, “Explorers“ staring Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix.

That experience into the film business led Mike to pursue screenwriting. Partnering with longtime friend Randy Vampotic, they both began to read extensively on the subject and breaking down movies they watched. This eventually led to successfully selling two scripts that were produced; “Face Value” with Krista Allen and Scott Baio and “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” staring Corbin Bernsen and Connie Sellecca. Since then they have optioned several other scripts and been hired for re-writes and treatments.

Now, as the hyphenate world of entertainment explodes, Mike has ventured into deeper waters. Over the past two years, co-writing and producing the short Film “Land of Enchantment” and directing the music video for the song “Grow Old” featured on Justine Bennett’s new album entitled Orchard.

It was those two projects that were the motivation for the creation of Iroquois Entertainment.